As part of the EU funded project “Persons with Disability in East Jerusalem enjoy Improved Living Conditions”, The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre continues to develop its service on Autism.

5 years ago, The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre with funds from the EU/Diakonia established its Autism Spectrum Disorder services as one of the most important programs of the centre. Since then the centre has become one of the leading institutions in Palestine in providing comprehensive rehabilitation services and inclusive education for children with autism coming for the East Jerusalem in addition to children admitted for the child rehabilitation services from the West Bank and Gaza.

Particularly, in 2015, the centre has extensively worked in developing its autism services through building on the existing and cumulative experience in ASD in order to further support children with autism, as a result, the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre is now able to deliver a holistic intervention that includes educational, medical rehabilitation and psycho social support to families of children with ASD.

Children with ASD participating a sensory activity in the autism classroom at the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre. Photo credit: the European Union

Additionally, the centre has established a second classroom for children with ASD, the total number of children enrolled in the autism unit has reach 20 children, 4 of them are integrated in the regular classrooms at the Princess Basma Inclusive School. It has also established a music therapy unit, that provides music therapy to children with ASD as well as to children with ADHD, and children with other kinds of disabilities admitted for the comprehensive rehabilitation services.

Moreover, the JPBC has developed its multi-disciplinary service to provide education and rehabilitation services for children with ASD. This multidisciplinary service includes a team of expert practitioners that provide holistic services to the children, teachers and parents.

Inclusion for Ezz


Ezz Al Din in his classroom – Photo credit: the European Union

Ezz Al Din Bakhatan, 7 years from Jerusalem, is currently a student in the first grade at the Princess Basma Inclusive School, Ezz has joined the autism unit in 2015 after he was diagnosed with autism. In the classroom Ezz received an intensive educational support and rehabilitation services that include occupational therapy, speech and communication therapy, sensory therapy, hydrotherapy and music therapy. This enabled him to develop the skills needed to integrate him in the regular schooling system. Ezz is an excellent student in his classroom, he’s also independent, has a strong visual memory,  and he enjoys music and sports.