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Hayat thrives with life

“I am sorry to pass to you the bad news; unfortunately your future daughter will have lots of disabilities”. With these sharp words, Sa’ida prepared herself to welcome her second baby while she was in her second trimester of pregnancy. Sa’ida was saddened with the news she received after having a regular ultrasound examination to the fetus’ organs, but she ... Read More »

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre celebrates the opening of the newly renovated Kitchen Unit

Jerusalem, 29th November 2017 Under the Patronage of his Beatitude, the Archbishop Suheil Dawani, and the Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, Mr. Adnan Al-Husseini, the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre (JPBC) celebrated the opening ceremony of the newly renovated kitchen unit. The renovation of the kitchen unit was funded by the Federal Republic of Germany, through phase 10 of KfW’s Employment Generation ... Read More »

Fathers as caregivers accompanying their children with disabilities to the therapy sessions

In the Occupational Therapy Room that is crowded with mothers and their children with disabilities, there you see Mohammad’s father “Udai” practicing the exercises he is being trained on with the therapist while attending the therapy session with his son Mohammad. Enduring the hardships of everyday travel from Qarawat Bani Zaid all the way to Jerusalem to receive comprehensive rehabilitation ... Read More »

Music Therapy breaks through the barriers for Roleen

The voice of Roleen’s instrument sounds stunning to anyone who passes by her. People find her sitting on a bench in the front yard of JPBC playing tender tunes on her melodica. The little girl spends hours training passionately to perform the best melodies for her coming music therapy session. Roleen is 10 year old girl from Saffa, a village ... Read More »

Shifting to a family empowerment approach

Khaled was born 3 months earlier than expected due to a car accident. This accident would leave Khaled struggling with Cerebral Palsy , while weighing 800 grams, and after being kept in the incubator for three months, the doctor realized that Khaled suffers from Quadriplegia and other visual problems. The little infant was admitted to the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre ... Read More »

“We are condemned to hope”

Mira, a child working for a Better Tomorrow It is the thirteenth admission for Mira Masri into the rehabilitation program at the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre. Mira is four years and seven months, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as a result of placental abruption from her mother’s uterus prior the delivery, causing Mira’s mother to suffer a severe bleeding. The critical situation obliged ... Read More »

Mothers of Children with disabilities are ambassadors for change and a guarantee for success through the Mother Empowerment Program

Supported by the Canadian Representative Office Clarification of Concepts: The need for empowerment stems from the inability of an individual or a group of people to achieve their ambitions and invest their full potentials because of the artificial barriers created by other individuals or groups within the same society; it’s an expression of indisputable inequality, separation and marginalization.According to Oxfam ... Read More »

The Right Honorable Archbishop of Canterbury visits the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre hosted the Most Reverend, The Right Honorable Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby along with his wife Mrs. Caroline Welby, accompanied by the Most Reverend Archbishop of Jerusalem and the Middle East and the Chairman of the Centre, Suheil Dawani, including his wife Mrs. Shafiqa Dawani together with a group of clergymen and eminent personalities. Mr. Ibrahim Faltas, General Director ... Read More »

The JPBC conducts awareness workshops about ADHD in 7 schools in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre (JPBC) conducted several workshops to the academic staff members of seven schools in Jerusalem. The workshops aimed at empowering the teachers with effective communication skills and helping them gain pedagogical interaction expertise as to use with children, especially ones with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Teachers were vested with the knowledge to diagnose the students’ ... Read More »