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A story of Hope and Success

   Noor Eldein Mbayed, 12 years old from Kafr Aqab, Ramallah. When he was six months, Noor had an accident and felt on his head, and remained unconscious for almost ten minutes, he was moved to hospital for treatment. After two months, Noor’s mother Nahed, 40 years old, started noticing that he couldn’t move or flip or even speak any ... Read More »

Under the patronage of Archbishop Suheil Dawani Princess Basma Centre celebrates the inauguration of the newly renovated Child Rehabilitation Department Funded by the Islamic Development Bank

Jerusalem- Under the patronage of Archbishop Suheil Dawani, Princess Basma Centre for Children with Disabilities inaugurated the recently renovated Child Rehabilitation Department at the Center.  This department provides quality and comprehensive services to children and their mothers within a holistic inclusive approach. The renovated Department provides different therapeutic services such as Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Music therapy, Speech therapy, Recreational/Psychosocial therapy, ... Read More »

Princess Basma Centre celebrates the International Day for Persons with Disabilities

Princess Basma Centre celebrated the International Day for Persons with Disabilities with a variety of activities that marked that day. The Centre has participated in the exhibition of “Assistant Technology for Persons with Disabilities” organized by UNRWA, were the Centre presented the technological devices used in the rehabilitation of children with disabilities namely technological equipment used in the sensory room ... Read More »

Adam’s recovery from Brain Atrophy

Adam Al Masri, 2 years Old from ‘Ebwin – Ramallah. When he was 2 months young, and while the family was attending a wedding for a relative, the mother noticed that Adam didn’t react to all the noise in the surrounding, which was not normal for his age.  After consulting with his pediatrician and undergoing many tests, he was diagnosed ... Read More »

The story of Majd

Majd Khadour: 3 year old boy from Beddu – Ramallah, has delayed developmental milestones and ASD behavior. At 9 months, he used to speak few words and behaved according to his age; all of a sudden he stopped talking, stopped communicating with his family and started behaving with temper all the time. His family couldn’t communicate with him, which started ... Read More »

The Story of Mariam

Mariam, a real survivor Mariam 3 years from AL Ezareyeh “Bethany” suffers from CP due to prematurity causing delayed development milestones. Since her birth, Mariam suffered major complications and was immediately hospitalized for 81 days and had to undergo a number of surgeries. At 18 months, Mariam was first admitted to Princess Basma Centre, where she spent three week with ... Read More »

Open Day at Princess Basma Inclusive School

The Princess Basma Inclusive School held an Open Day on 22 May where students showcased special projects they had been working on with teachers throughout the academic year. Bishop Suheil opened the event, emphasizing the importance of the school in inclusive education, and congratulating students and teachers on their work. Projects covered a wide range of subjects, including Arabic, English, Science, Chemistry, Math, Social Sciences ... Read More »

Graduation Ceremony of Princess Basma School

Under the patronage of His Grace Bishop Suheil Dawani, Princess Basma Inclusive High School celebrated the graduation of its 5th Tawjihi students on Saturday, May 17, 2014  at the Palestinian National (Al Hakawati) Theatre. The ceremony was attended by the Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, ‘Adnan Al-Huseini, Princess Basma Board Members, General Director Mr. Ibrahim Faltas, the school principal, parents, teachers, ... Read More »

Princess Basma Centre Celebrates Autism Awareness Day

Princess Basma Centre organized an open day event on April 2, 2014 in celebration of Autism Awareness Day where Mr. Ibrahim Faltas – General Director of Princess Basma Centre gave his opening remarks to the event, emphasizing the importance of the work the centre is doing with Children with Autism in Palestine, especially that the numbers of children with autism ... Read More »