The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre

    Emergency appeal 2020

    Join us in beating COVID-19


JPBC has identified areas of urgent need to continue its mission to serve Palestinian children with disabilities in Jerusalem and the West Bank in the wake of COVID-19.


  1. We are now reaching children and families in the West Bank, still under a COVID-19 State of Emergency, through our new virtual care model.

Our therapists are using digital tools to communicate in real-time with their patients in order to continue their therapy. Each family receives 19 on-line sessions each month.


5 Physiotherapy sessions
5 Speech and Language sessions
5 Occupational sessions
2 training session on staying safe from COVID-19
2 Psychosocial sessionsTo ensure a quality service, additional costs are included for multi-disciplinary team meetings, assessments and for devising Home Care Plans which enable the family to continue the treatment effectively.We aim to have 150 families in the West Bank enrolled on this program over the next 12 months.

Under the guidance of therapists, Nadine’s father has created a mini Rehabilitation centre at home.

Our needs:

  • Cost for one family for one month = $1,200
  • Total amount needed= $180,000
  1. We are resuming treatment of children with disabilities at our Inclusive School.
Approximately one third of all pupils in the Princess Basma Inclusive School are children with disabilities. Many receive treatment in the adjoining Child Rehabilitation Centre as part of their education.  81 pupils at the Inclusive School need regular weekly therapy during the academic year. The school can secure only a small proportion of the cost.


We aim to provide 81 children with disabilities a weekly package of therapies over an academic year.

Pupils at the Princess Basma Inclusive School

Our needs:

  • Cost of treatment for 1 pupil per month is $385


Please follow these links if you can help us to support our work

For donations in the USA: JPBC Appeal link

The American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ)

For donations in the UK: JUSTACT

For donations in Hong Kong: HKSKH Archbishop Relief Fund

For donations in Canada: Please send cheques to Canadian Compass Rose Society, 135 Adelaide Street East, Toronto Ontario M5C 1L8

Other on-line giving option: The Compass Rose Society

Thank you for remembering us in our mission to serve our Palestinian brothers and sisters, especially at this most troubling of times for us all.