Virtual care mini Rehabilitation Centre at home

Virtual care
mini Rehabilitation Centre at home

Nadine (three years old), was referred to the Child Rehabilitation Centre at JPBC by our Medical Director Dr. Waddah Malhees, after she was diagnosed with developmental delay. She has since received intensive and comprehensive rehabilitation therapy over nine weeks during four admissions.

Jamal, Nadine’s father, accompanied his wife and daughter, to most Sunday and Thursday sessions. He describes how he found these sessions most encouraging for both parents and children: “We as parents have learned a lot about our children’s conditions and we are able to manage them and to provide support.”

Previously Nadine relied on help from others for everything she wanted to do, but after her four admissions, she has shown great progress. Now, she can sit unsupported, is less reliant on others, and is able to walk and talk. Moreover, she has become more sociable and happy to interact with other people beyond her family circle.

Even after the lockdown and because of the spread of the Corona Virus, the JPBC team continued to deliver therapies to children online, through a Virtual Care model. In this way, Nadine received her therapy sessions at home through video-conferencing with her family fully participating, supporting and following the therapists’ guidance, using every available resource.

Jamal explains, “Because of the Family Empowerment Program, in addition to the ‘Home Therapy Plan’, we have created a small simulation of the ‘Princess Basma Rehabilitation Centre in our home, and we all work together to implement all the necessary exercises to support Nadine.”