Princess Basma Centre celebrates the International Day for Persons with Disabilities

Princess Basma Centre celebrated the International Day for Persons with Disabilities with a variety of activities that marked that day.

The Centre has participated in the exhibition of “Assistant Technology for Persons with Disabilities” organized by UNRWA, were the Centre presented the technological devices used in the rehabilitation of children with disabilities namely technological equipment used in the sensory room for children with Autism, the FM system for the hearing impaired and other equipment used in assisting in the education of children with Autism.

Also, Princess Basma Inclusive School organized a week of interactive art and creative writing activities for its students that aimed at raising the awareness among its student about the rights to education for all children including children with disabilities.

The activities were concluded with an entertainment day for the children in the autism classroom, the two hearing classrooms, the kindergarten and the elementary classrooms were the local clown group “Semsem and Za’tar” performed to the children a play aimed at raising the awareness on the term that should be used with referring  to children or persons “with disabilities”.