Empowered families for a healthier future!

Empowered families for a healthier future!

Sila is three years old. She lives in Jericho in the West Bank.  When only a few months old, her family noticed some delay in Sila’s movement and communication. They visited many doctors before they met JPBC Medical Director, Dr.Waddah Malhees at one of our partner Centers. He diagnosed her with a psychomotor delay with spastic quadriplegia.


Dr. Waddah referred Sila to the Rehabilitation Centre at JPBC. On admission, Sila and her parents met the nurses, therapists and her designated social worker and the team devised a comprehensive therapy plan for her treatment. Sila’s father, Mahmoud, noted: “We were given positive feedback and encouragement from the first admission.”

Although Sila was not able to walk or talk on admission, after three weeks on the JPBC inpatient program, there was a great transformation. Sila is now able to walk using a walking aid and to repeat any word that she hears.

Virtual care during COVID-19

After the spread of the Corona-Virus and the necessary lockdown, the family was concerned in case Sila’s therapy program would be disrupted and that they might have to wait for a long time before her next admission.

However, the JPBC team was quick to implement a COVID-19 emergency plan, phoned Sila’s family and offered to continue her treatment and therapy online. Mahmoud explains: “We receive therapy sessions on a daily basis with a number of therapists who do their best in providing us with a comprehensive therapy plan. We as parents have learned much about how to understand our child’s needs and situation. Now we are more empowered and enabled to help Sila progress in her treatment.”

The work of JPBC is about the health and wellbeing of children, so we will continue the journey with them and their families in whatever new and innovative ways we can.