Yamen’s Online treatment and Education

Yamen’s Online treatment and Education

Within the virtual care model

Yamen, aged five, was finally diagnosed with Autism at the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre and is now enrolled in our Inclusive School.

Kefaya, Yamen’s mother says that after seven months in the school:

“He has changed and developed rapidly, because now, he is in the right place.”

However, when the West Bank was put into ‘lockdown’ to prevent the spread of Corona-Virus, his parents were anxious this would affect Yamen’s progress. The Centre responded by introducing an online-therapy program. Kefaya says this is making all the difference, as well as training her as a ‘shadow therapist.’

“It gives me the chance to join my son in all activities with his teachers and therapists. I have a clearer understanding and I’m developing my own experience through these sessions.”

Through the care of the JPBC, Yamen’s opportunities for development and rehabilitation have been rescued. I feel so blessed to have my son in good hands with such a professional and loving team.”

As for Yamen, every time his favorite therapist appears on the screen, he exclaims ‘Wow’ and he claps his hands in delight!