A story of Hope and Success


 pppNoor Eldein Mbayed, 12 years old from Kafr Aqab, Ramallah. When he was six months, Noor had an accident and felt on his head, and remained unconscious for almost ten minutes, he was moved to hospital for treatment. After two months, Noor’s mother Nahed, 40 years old, started noticing that he couldn’t move or flip or even speak any words, which was not normal for his age. Yet, she didn’t know that a long journey to discover Noor’s disability is waiting for her.

During her pregnancy she had no complications, although she had a cesarean surgery to give birth to Noor. Nahed started visiting many pediatricians and clinics for around a year, in order to get a clear diagnosis for her child, thinking that the accident affected his brain, in which most of the pediatricians linked Noor’s situation to the accident he suffered from a couple of months ago, and assured her that only time will recover him.

Nahed felt the need to continue looking for an answer and a way to help her child. At the age of two and a half, Noor was finally admitted to Princess Basma Centre, after being referred through one of the partner clinics located in the West Bank. The diagnosis came out as a shock to the mother, the neuro-pediatrician and child development specialist diagnosed Noor and the results showed that he is suffering from cerebral palsy, and the accident he had while he was only six month is not the reason.

At that time, Noor suffered from poor standing balance, had poor trunk control with spasticity of lower limb, weakness of dorsal muscles, deformities of back with walking difficulties, and poor bilateral hand use, poor fine motors. He also suffered from unintelligible speech due to weakness in ore-facial muscles, restricted movement of tongue, spasticity in lips, with poor breathing and blowing.

Instantly after receiving all his assessment, Noor started a customized comprehensive rehabilitation program at the centre, which included physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and recreational therapy. All the therapies aimed to help Noor recover to gradually become more independent and aware of his surroundings.

With his tenth admissions over a couple of years, regular attendance to a pre-academic school, and with the program the mother received from the psychotherapist & rehabilitation team in order to continue the therapy at home, Noor blossom and showed a great development. The improvement included his trunk control, standing balance, strength dorsal muscle, and gross motor skills. Noor appeared more independent in activities of daily living (ADL) training, improvement in his facial muscles and his tongue and lips, and he slightly started walking indoor and outdoor without walking aids.

The mother with the guidance of the Princess Basma team felt the importance of an inclusive education for Noor, and immediately after Noor showed improvement, he was registered at the Princess Basma Inclusive School.

Noor is now 12 years old, a sixth grader, fully integrated in his community. Noor’s academic skills has evolved tremendously, while he continues receiving a package of therapy sessions during his academic school year, through an organized schedule prepared between the team of the Princess Basma Rehabilitation Centre and the Inclusive School.