Adam’s recovery from Brain Atrophy

Adam Al Masri, 2 years Old from ‘Ebwin – Ramallah. When he was 2 months young, and while the family was attending a wedding for a relative, the mother noticed that Adam didn’t react to all the noise in the surrounding, which was not normal for his age.  After consulting with his pediatrician and undergoing many tests, he was diagnosed with Microcephaly / Brain Damage. His diagnosis was a shock for the family. His mother Lina 32, holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Financial Sciences said “ I was very sad with the way his diagnosis was brought to me by the doctor, I couldn’t go to work for two weeks, and was deeply concerned about the life he’s going to have with his disability”. 

Adam was admitted four time to Princess Basma Centre, during his first admission in November 2012, he was only 7 months, he was unable to roll over, unable to sit, had no trunk control, was unable to respond to any auditory command, had sensory problems, was unable to bear weight on his arms, had poor grasping, facial muscles weakness, poor concentration, poor vocal play, he was even unable to recognize his mother or any other family member.

Immediately after his assessment, Adam started with his comprehensive rehabilitation program at the centre which included physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, recreational therapy and hydrotherapy, the program was customized for Adam to help him recover, it was especially aimed at reducing spasticity, improving his trunk control, sitting balance, weight bearing, standing, walking, in addition to sensory and cognitive stimulation, improving his tactile, vestibular and grasping activities, bilateral hand use,  strengthening his facial muscles,   and helping him understand and respond to basic concepts of imitation for sounds and word and responding to orders.

With his four admissions and with the program the mother received from the rehabilitation team to carry on with the therapy at home, Adam showed great development.  The child gradually started to sit alone, crawl, stand and walk independently; he can also go up and down the steps with rail support. He has also improved his fine motor skills, he can now use his both hands to play and hold objects. He can even eat alone using the spoon independently. He has better eye-hand coordination, better concentration; he can match and distinguish between objects. As well, he can recognize his family members, started responding to orders and started using words and phrases to express his needs.

With the development he is showing, is also helping him at home to adapt and integrate. His mother says “he’s very helpful at home, he responds to orders and brings his personal things when he’s asked to, everyone at home enjoys his company”.