Music Therapy breaks through the barriers for Roleen

The voice of Roleen’s instrument sounds stunning to anyone who passes by her. People find her sitting on a bench in the front yard of JPBC playing tender tunes on her melodica.


The little girl spends hours training passionately to perform the best melodies for her coming music therapy session. Roleen is 10 year old girl from Saffa, a village located West of #Ramallah. Her life changed four years ago after she was diagnosed with #Leukemia and needed urgent bone marrow transplantation to save her life.

Consequently, Roleen started to have chemotherapy and suffered its hideous side effects of hair loss, in addition to changes in the color of her skin. She was referred to JPBC due to the essential need of receiving a comprehensive rehabilitation treatment.

In her first admission, Roleen was distant and refused to attend most of the sessions. Roleen hesitated whether to participate in the music therapy session or not, but decided to join the class for the charm of the instruments that captured her.


As soon as she participated at the music session, she was fascinated how the session went; music penetrated Roleen’s soul and provoked her deep feelings inside. The session worked magic for Roleen. She changed a lot and became more open and responsive to everyone. Today, Roleen is about to finish her second admission, her love for music has grown; she even started composing some songs and playing them on different instruments. Roleen replied spontaneously after being asked what she wanted to become in the future, as she replied: “I would like to become a music teacher.”