Empowering Inclusion and Gender Equality: A Transformative Training Session at The Jerusalem Princess Basma Inclusive School

At the beginning of a new term, training was conducted for, 60 teachers and support staff, at the Jerusalem Princess Basma Inclusive School to examine and evaluate our educational practices on inclusion and gender equality to ensure equal access for all students.

There were presentations by the School Principal highlighting the importance of these concepts in education and society, followed by discussions and collaborative activities looking at the school environment and infrastructure, the curriculum and barriers and solutions.

The teachers were asked to reflect on current values and practices in the school and how they might promote or hinder inclusion and gender equality. In a school where one third of all students have a disability and integration is key, this is of profound significance to ensure that all staff, new in post and those steeped in our vision, work together to ensure equal access for everyone. 

Staff were also invited to consider how the ASHA project, ‘Accessibility and Safe Recreation for Children with disabilities’ will support our work.

Engaging discussions followed, and educators embraced inclusivity and gender equality as guiding principles.

There was consensus that the renovation of the new playground will directly contribute to this by enabling students with mobility disabilities to participate alongside their peers during physical activities and breaks. Two key findings were the importance of continuous professional development on these issues and the need to improve and create more inclusive spaces to facilitate integration and development for all students.

This training exemplifies the school's unwavering commitment to nurturing inclusivity and equality. The findings of this training will be gathered together to inform school policies and practices in creating an environment where all students can thrive. 

Staff were invited to add the values they see as intrinsic to the school to create this artwork. Translated they are:

  • Love
  • Equality
  • Facing the Challenges
  • Justice
  • Humanity
  • Collaboration
  • Compassion
  • Determination
  • Development
  • Purity
  • Hope
  • Strength
  • Loyalty
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