Our Clinics

Our Medical Director provides assessment and medical advice in his Doctor Clinics in Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Nablus. He also meets the children along without a multidisciplinary team in the field at the partner centers within the Outreach program.

Through the Doctor's clinics, most children are referred to the Basma Centre in Jerusalem to receive treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation.

Our medical director supervises Building and implementing the therapeutic plan for each child. He works closely with the families and the team to evaluate the children and develop the next goal and therapeutic plan at the Centre and the home therapy program to be implemented by the family at home.

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre

Address:   Mount of Olives, Rabi’ah Al Adawiyah Street 73

Phone number: 26283058

Email:  info@basma.centre.org  

Working hours: From 08:00-4:00

Latest Newsletter
Latest Newsletter
Winter Newsletter 2023
Winter Newsletter 2023