Princess Basma Centre Celebrates Autism Awareness Day

Princess Basma Centre organized an open day event on April 2, 2014 in celebration of Autism Awareness Day where Mr. Ibrahim Faltas – General Director of Princess Basma Centre gave his opening remarks to the event, emphasizing the importance of the work the centre is doing with Children with Autism in Palestine, especially that the numbers of children with autism in Palestine is increasing.  He also pointed that the UN with recommendation from the State of Qatar has approved on April 2, 2007  an International Day to celebrate autism, and to be be marked among all national and international organizations working in the fields of health and rehabilitation. 

The event also included a lecture by Mr. Waltor Solomon – Special Needs Practitioner where he presented the Waldon Approach in treating children with autism. The lecture was attended by the rehabilitation team, special education therapists from Princess Basma Inclusive School, and parents of the children of the autism classroom in the school. According to Mr. Solomon, the Waldon Approach depends on the motor skills for the child and it’s development. It’s also worth mentioning that Mr. Solomon has issued a book and guideline about some on the tools used in the Waldon Approach in dealing with Autism Spectrum. 

The event also included a joint activity between the therapists at Princess Basma Centre, the mothers and the children from the autism class that aims at stimulating the perception of the children with autism, and having the mothers who are important partners in the rehabilitation process participate in the activity. 

it’s also worth noting, that Princess Basma Centre has established an autism unit that included a class room, a therapy room and a sensory room in 2011 with funds from EU through Diakonia Sweden, it has also contributed in opening autism classrooms in several partner rehabilitation centers in the West Bank  as well as built the capacities of their rehabilitation teams.