"Through the Basma Centre, their lives have been forever changed. It paints a picture of hope and endless possibilities for children and families"

Blossoming Bonds: A Journey of Friendship and Success at the Basma Centre

Two remarkable children named Yazan and Rital. Yazan, a young boy diagnosed with Autism, and Rital, a determined girl diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP), faced unique challenges in their life journeys. Their lives intersected when their mothers first met at the Farah Center, a partner center of ours.

Moved by their shared experiences, the families were referred together to Basma Centre. For six years, they embarked on a journey, traveling to the Centre and back, united by their common goal. Both children received a Comprehensive Rehabilitation package tailored to their specific needs, while their mothers benefited from the vital Mother and Family Empowerment Program.

However, due to personal reasons, the families found themselves unable to visit the Centre for four long years. But their determination remained unwavering, and they returned to the Basma Centre, filled with a mixture of regret for lost time and hope for a better future. Their second week at the Centre proved transformative for both Yazan and Rital.

Rital's mother could not suppress her excitement when she said, "These two weeks at the Basma Centre did more than the four years we were away. However, the home therapy plan provided by the centre has been instrumental in supporting my child's progress at home and at other centers." The home therapy plan became a lifeline that ensured Rital continued to receive the support she needed.

Yazan's mother reported a remarkable change in her son's life. Initially lacking communication skills, Yazan underwent rehabilitation at the Basma Centre, so that he could integrate into a regular school with the assistance of a dedicated shadow teacher. Filled with gratitude, Yazan's mother expressed her desire to share the home therapy plan with his shadow teacher to ensure continuity in his therapies and progress.

What began as a journey of individual challenge soon evolved into a story of friendship and support. The two families grew together and returned to the Basma Centre together, united by their shared experiences. Yazan and Rital, once strangers, became friends. Rital's mother proudly shared, "Rital is like a therapist for Yazan. She knows exactly how to communicate with him." Their bond became a source of strength and inspiration as they positively influenced each other's development.

Yazan and Rital success story is just one of the many successes made possible by the Basma Centre's commitment to providing comprehensive services to families and their children with disabilities. With its diverse programs and accessible services, the Centre created an environment where children with disabilities can thrive from care to inclusion. The mothers praised the sense of community and belonging they found here. They stressed the importance of being surrounded by other mothers who understood their journey and reminded them that they were never alone.

In this story of resilience and determination, Yazan and Rital's journey is an evidence to the power of support, friendship and unwavering dedication. Through the Basma Centre, their lives have been forever changed. It paints a picture of hope and endless possibilities for children and families facing similar challenges on their own extraordinary journeys.

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