The Inclusive School

Princess Basma Inclusive school, is a unique project that was established in 1987 that aims at providing children with disabilities the opportunity to mainstream education. The School is based in Jerusalem and serves the geographic area of Jerusalem. The school has around 416 students, around 38.70% are children with various disabilities. The school is a model for inclusive education, from kindergarten up to 12th grade, where children with disabilities study side by side with children without disabilities. The school also includes special classes for children with learning difficulties, children with ADHD, children with autism and children with hearing disabilities. In parallel to their education, children with disabilities at the school receive a comprehensive rehabilitation package and psychological support that is provided by the rehabilitation department at the centre. 

Our future ambition is to use this model for creating inclusive education programs in schools in the West Bank to provide children with disabilities across Palestine the right to equal educational opportunities. 


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