The Jerusalem Princess Basma Center celebrates the opening of the newly renovated Princess Basma Kindergarten

Jerusalem, 16 March 2016

Under the patronage of his beatitude the Archbishop Suheil Dawani, and the Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, Mr. Adnan Al-Husseini, Sheikh Azzam Al Khatib General Manager Administration of Islamic Affairs and Al-Aqsa Mosque and a Representative from the Jordanian Embassy the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center celebrated the opening of the newly renovated Princess Basma Kindergarten.

The renovation was generously funded by the Government of Italy and implemented by the UNDP and in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Local Government. This project came at an important point in the development of the Inclusive School; one of the few in the middle east region that provides education for both children with and without disabilities in the same classes.

Chairman of the Board, his beatitude the Archbishop Suheil Dawani said: “On our Golden Jubilee, celebrating 50 years of working with and serving children with disabilities, we are proud to continue providing children with disabilities rehabilitation services, and education.”

The Inclusive School was established in 1987 out of the belief that children with special needs have equal rights to have access to quality education and out of the great need in the Jerusalem area. The school is managed by the Princess Basma Institution and has become a role model in inclusive education. The school serves children with various kinds of disabilities including physical disabilities, hearing impairments and children with Autism, ADHD and learning difficulties.

This year 550 students out of which 30% are children with special needs study at the Princess Basma Inclusive School. What makes the work of the school special is that beside education, children with special needs receive a comprehensive rehabilitation package and psychosocial support from the Princess Basma Institution.