The JPBC conducts awareness workshops about ADHD in 7 schools in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre (JPBC) conducted several workshops to the academic staff members of seven schools in Jerusalem. The workshops aimed at empowering the teachers with effective communication skills and helping them gain pedagogical interaction expertise as to use with children, especially ones with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Teachers were vested with the knowledge to diagnose the students’ condition in order to provide them with the needed support in regard to their cases.

The EU-Diakonia funded project entitled “People with Disabilities in East Jerusalem enjoy improved living conditions” is intended to increase the opportunities of Jerusalemite children who suffer from ADHD with suitable rehabilitation based upon their needs. It also works on designing educational plans tailored for them through building the capacities of their teachers in schools which enable them to positively deal with children.  Throughout the project, the JPBC is devotedly committed to provide its comprehensive rehabilitation services to the pupils diagnosed with ADHD. The services include: occupational therapy, Speech and language therapy, hydrotherapy and music therapy. Besides, the JPBC is dedicated to work hand in hand with parents of children who have ADHD thus providing them with psycho-social guidance and support as to create a healthy environment for their children to develop and improve.