The story of Majd

Majd Khadour: 3 year old boy from Beddu – Ramallah, has delayed developmental milestones and ASD behavior. At 9 months, he used to speak few words and behaved according to his age; all of a sudden he stopped talking, stopped communicating with his family and started behaving with temper all the time. His family couldn’t communicate with him, which started reflecting their relation and understanding of him and his behavior.

Through our Outreach program, Majd was first referred to Princess Basma Centre with his mother in October 2013, for a period of 3 weeks. During his first week of assessment, it was noticed that Majd suffered from delayed language development, poor eye-contact, had no concentration, and suffered from some behavioral problems such screaming, blank face reactions, couldn’t follow demands, and he didn’t like to play with other children. In addition he was dependent on all daily activity except for eating.

During his second week, he received a daily rehabilitation therapy sessions which included occupational therapy, recreational therapy, hydrotherapy and speech therapy as well as therapy sessions in the Sensory Room, with the aim to stimulate his sensory skills, communication skills, and to stimulate his cognitive activities and improve his language.    

With his second admission in February 2014, Majd showed great improvements in many of his sensory, cognitive and communication skills. For example, he started responding to his name, expresses his needs in sentences, he can name the simple names and colors, his concentration has improved, he is independent in using the toilet, and he is more goal directed.

The rehabilitation program at Princess Basma, didn’t only help Majd, but also his mother and the family.

His mother Fatima 24, a housewife, says: “I have benefited from the mother empowerment program at the centre, attending the sessions was very important to me to help me communicate with Majd.”

She also adds:  “unlike other rehabilitation centres, I was able to attend the therapy sessions, and I learned many important techniques and tools that help me in the daily living with Majd. I have also used these techniques at home to help his father and other family members communicate with him; I’m happy to say that he’s well integrated in his family, and he can now play with his cousins who are of his same age.”


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