The Story of Mariam

Mariam, a real survivor

Mariam 3 years from AL Ezareyeh “Bethany” suffers from CP due to prematurity causing delayed development milestones. Since her birth, Mariam suffered major complications and was immediately hospitalized for 81 days and had to undergo a number of surgeries.

At 18 months, Mariam was first admitted to Princess Basma Centre, where she spent three week with her mother ‘Ola 27. During her assessment sessions it was found that Mariam had multiple impairments; starting from sensory problems “hypo-responsiveness”, poor trunk, poor head control, couldn’t bear weight on the knees, couldn’t crawl, poor sitting balance and absence of protective reaction, to poor cognitive and perceptual problems. Also, she suffered from auditory perception; couldn’t respond to voices and had poor visual perception; her expressive language was severely delayed she couldn’t respond to or understand social signs, in addition she suffered from gastronomy tube; she couldn’t chew on food.

With the early intervention of Mariam and providing her with a comprehensive rehabilitation program at the Child Rehabilitation Unit which included occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and recreational therapy at the centre, in addition to the home program provided to her mother, Mariam started showing signs of improvement at an early stage of her rehabilitation. During her second admission in February 2014, Mariam showed major improvements. She has already improved her auditory perception, visual and tactile; she responds to her name and to voices, produces babbling sounds “Mama, baba”, has better understanding of social signs, expresses emotions, has eye contact and follows objects.

Currently, Mariam is at the centre for her third admission, and the improvements she continues to show are great. She now enjoys better movement abilities, imitates movements especially of her little sister Reem 18 months, eats almost everything using her fingers and drinks alone. She also reaches and grasps her toys, she can crawl and walks using rotator walker.

Mariam’s mother ‘Ola, holder of an MA degree says: “We have never lost hope in Mariam, we have always believed she will grow and develop” adding “to make sure this happens I have resigned my job as a teacher and I’m devoting my time to Mariam’s rehabilitation and health care”.  Mariam with her determination to overcome her disability brings so much joy to all those around her.