Under the patronage of Archbishop Suheil Dawani Princess Basma Centre celebrates the inauguration of the newly renovated Child Rehabilitation Department Funded by the Islamic Development Bank

Jerusalem- Under the patronage of Archbishop Suheil Dawani, Princess Basma Centre for Children with Disabilities inaugurated the recently renovated Child Rehabilitation Department at the Center.  This department provides quality and comprehensive services to children and their mothers within a holistic inclusive approach. The renovated Department provides different therapeutic services such as Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Music therapy, Speech therapy, Recreational/Psychosocial therapy, Psychosocial support to children and their mothers, as well as a Multi-Sensory stimulation; one of the few and most advanced in the country.

The project was funded through a generous donation from the Islamic Development Bank.

In his speech, AB Suheil Dawani thanked all the staff and workers of Princess Basma Centre for their tremendous efforts and dedication. “It’s encouraging that after 50 years of ministry at the center, Princess Basma Centre continues to reach out to the most vulnerable children in our society” said the Archbishop. The heart of our ministry at Princess Basma lies in Matthew 25:40: ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

Mr. Adnan Husseini; Minister of Jerusalem- Governor of Jerusalem, was the guest of honor during the festivities. Mr. Husseini spoke about the important role of Princess Basma Centre as the only Palestinian national center for rehabilitation in Jerusalem.

Mr. Ibrahim Faltas; Director General of the Center, recognized all of those who contributed towards the project. “Without the efforts of the staff, engineers, contractors and generosity of the Islamic Development Bank, this project would not have been possible.  This is a great opportunity for the center to continue to serve as one of the four largest national rehabilitation centers in Palestine focusing on children… Through our newly renovated child rehabilitation department we continue as we did for the last 50 years to provide rehabilitation services for children with disabilities that come to our center from all over the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem. Those children receive the necessary therapies that they are in need of in order to lead healthy and independent lives.

Mr. Faltas also thanked the Islamic Development Bank represented by their local consultant Mr. Hani Abu Diab and the Anglican Episcopal Church represented by AB Suheil Dawani for their support to the center in order to provide the best service to children in need. He also thanked the Representative Office of the Czech Republic, the Welfare Association, the European Union and Diakonia for their support in providing equipment for the Child Rehabilitation Department.